A/V brings India’s military history to life

Published: ASIA

A/V brings India’s military history to life

INDIA: The Jaipur War Museum recently debuted a new immersive A/V experience that brings the scenes of historic Indian battles and the country’s army to life. This draws upon 3D projectors, a 2x2 panel video wall and automated lighting, controlled by an Elan based system with custom automation. Museum management initially feared that such an attraction might detract from the overall visitor experience. However, systems integrator USAM and distributor Vinshek put these concerns to rest by demonstrating the Elan solution.

‘The museum was concerned that technology would be an unreliable distraction from the beautiful relics on display,’ recalled Mohit Mahipal, USAM MD. ‘We assured them that they would be able to control everything from a single, easy-to-use interface. With project consultation and system design guidance from Vinshek, USAM customised an Elan system to automate the museum, integrating all aspects of its displays and ambiance.’

The control solution was built around one Elan gSC10 and a gSC2, which are accessible via the manufacturer’s touch panels, mobile app and remotes. USAM also integrated a Rako lighting system, which can be controlled and automated by the Elan setup. Meanwhile, the 3D projection system, which comprises a 3D mapping projector, 3D hologram projector, the large scale 2x2 panel video wall and several large format display panels, was installed by another installation firm. This too has been integrated with the Elan control system.

The outdoor exhibition is formed of 18 jharokhas, which in Indian architecture are a form of enclosed balcony commonly found in Rajasthan, which display various scenes.

‘This is the most complex project I have ever configured,’ said Diganchal Singh Sengar, senior Elan programmer at Vinshek. ‘We configured the system to automatically turn on at 7pm and run until 10pm. During the evening show, Elan controls the lighting and visual displays to work in tandem with the audio walkthrough. The lighting system is integrated with Elan so that each activity automatically operates at a pre-defined sequence and time. Such intricate and precise configuration would have ordinarily taken a couple of days to complete, but thanks to the easy-to-configure system, I was able to finish the job in record time.’


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