Alcons Audio showcased live in Singapore

Published: ASIA

Alcons Audio showcased live in Singapore

SINGAPORE: More than 100 people from all walks of audio life followed an invitation from Singaporean firm Creator’s Solutions to an event presenting Alcons Audio loudspeakers in a real-world scenario. Set at The Terrace, an outdoor venue at The Star Performing Arts Centre, a complete Alcons Audio system had been brought in, comprising six LR18 line array modules per side, eight BF181MKII subs, RR12s for front-fills and VR12s for stage monitoring, all powered by Sentinel 10 amplifiers.

The system was to reinforce performances from three locally known bands. ‘In addition to increasing awareness of the Alcons Audio brand, our goal was to demonstrate the capabilities of the speakers with a wide variety of sound material,’ explained Eugene Tay of Creator’s Solutions. ‘What could do better than a live setup with bands from different music genres such as jazz, rock/pop and electronic.’

Partner rental company The Production People helped with providing sound and lighting gear and logistics, ensuring the event was presented in the intended concert format.

‘I’m certain it showed that Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon technology not only competes well with conventional drivers but has some unique merits,’ added Mr Tay.

‘It sounds great,’ said an attendee at the event. ‘The output across the entire frequency range is plenty and there’s no harshness as can be heard in a number of other systems.’

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