Ansata showcases YRF Studios’ Avid S6 installation

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Ansata showcases YRF Studios’ Avid S6 installation

INDIA: The recent sale of an Avid S6 console to Yash Raj Films (YRF Studios), one of Bollywood’s most reputable production and distribution studios, prompted the manufacturer's India distributor Ansata Computer Systems Private Limited to host an exclusive preview of the installation. This was the S6 installation in India. In addition to a relaxed evening of networking, attendees were invited to meet the YRF team, hear about their latest projects as well as listen to the award-winning sound engineer and film-mixer Sreejesh Nair, speaking about the latest technology installed at the studio.

The studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art film mix stage with Dolby Atmos, dual Pro Tools HDX2 systems and the recently acquired Avid S6 M40 32. Simon Caton, Avid’s pro audio sales manager, northern EMEA, was delighted with the event, ‘It's been fantastic,’ he said. ‘We've met a great cross section of talent with a lot of interest in the S6.’

‘YRF Studios purchased an Avid S6 M40 to replace their ailing Neve DFC,’ recalled Dipanshu Mitra, product manager – pro audio at Ansata. ‘The control surface is on a 9-foot wide leg stand kit consisting of 32 faders, nine knobs, four channel display modules, a master joystick module, master post module, producer’s desk, an encoder spill zone on the producer's desk for focus channel operations controlled from the master touch module and two additional blank channel buckets for future expansion. There are two HDX2 Madi systems connected to the control surface to provide playback and processing for all mixing projects.’

Mr Mitra also explained following the console’s installation and training days, the YRF Studios began using its new desk for mixing. Ansata taught the studio’s team of the S6’s basic operations, while Mr Nair, who comes from a mixing background and is able to draw upon specific mixing problems that can occur, provided tuition more specific to the work that is done in the studio.

‘We're here to provide basic technical support, hardware product based training as needed, and support for new features,’ Mr Mitra confirmed. ‘There is a mix of film mixers, sound designers, location recorders and location recording engineers with a good blend of the post mixers based here in Mumbai. They are please with the way it works.’

This statement was reaffirmed by the studio’s chief recording engineer, Anuj Mathur, who selected the S6. ‘The installation needed to be done in two days, with only two to four days to train everyone,’ he said. ‘It all went as planned and the S6 was put to work straight away on the film Sultan, which was very heavy on the music and sound design. It stars Salman Khan, who has a huge fan following in India and around the world, and the film became one of the highest grossing in Indian cinema history.’

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