AV Professionals keeps Little Italy covered

Published: ASIA

AV Professionals keeps Little Italy covered

INDIA: Recent projects undertaken by Pune-based AV Professionals has included the installation of P.Audio in-ceiling speakers and Dynatech amplifiers at eight Little Italy restaurants spread throughout Mumbai and Pune. The speakers extend audio coverage throughout the dining areas at each venue. Dynatech and P.Audio distributor for India, Sonotone, supported the project.

AV Professionals opted for P.Audio’s PCS-6CT in-ceiling speakers and paired them with PA250 power amplifiers from Dynatech. ‘The combination of the P.Audio PCS-6CT and the Dynatech PA250 is without a doubt the industry standard combination for hospitality and restaurant projects that demand crystal clear audio across the venue in a package that’s efficient and effective in every sense,’ offered Mr Sachin from AV Professionals. ‘The system accurately reproduces all kinds of music with great ease, and when the franchise owners experienced its prowess the very first time at one of their earlier outlets, they absolutely fell in love with it and insisted on having the same system across all Little Italy venues in Pune and Mumbai.

‘It makes me proud to say that not only are the management at each of the individual venues extremely pleased with the quality of sound, but they also love the fact that the system is extremely easy to use and maintain,’ he added. ‘Plus, the patrons too love the quality of the sound. That, according to me, is a huge win.’


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