Barco brings Smart Laser to Japanese cinemas

Published: ASIA

Barco brings Smart Laser to Japanese cinemas

JAPAN: Central Cinema has installed Barco DP2K-20CLP projectors at its Miyazaki and Omuta branches in what are reportedly Japan’s first Smart Laser cinema installations. The projects were facilitated by Barco’s channel partner, Eizou KiKi System.

The decision to upgrade projectors at each of the sites was made by Central Cinema parent company Central Kanko in an effort to reduce maintenance costs while offering audiences a higher quality visual experience. The chain was also familiar with the brand, as both screens were previously equipped with Barco systems.

‘We believe the Barco DP2K-20CLP is the best fit for our theatres,’ stated Kazuko Rikitake, president at Central Kanko. ‘They perfectly match our screen sizes, offer laser-sharp images and don’t require projectionists to replace xenon lamps. This lowers risks as well as maintenance costs and saves us a lot of time.’

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