BXB addresses the class

Published: ASIA

BXB addresses the class

HONG KONG: Po Leung Kuk CW Chu College has been equipped with a BXB WMP-2100 public address system. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s distribution partner in Hong Kong and Macao, Sunrise Trading Company, visited the school to understand its needs and presented the WMP-2100 as an option.

The setup installed comprises a WMP-2100 PA control unit with WSC-2100 graphical control software, as well as 80 WMP-60D remote decoders and a microphone for capturing music. ‘What our customer needed was a PA system with high stability, an affordable price and sound after-sales services,’ said Sunrise Trading’s project manager. ‘BXB’s WMP-2100 certainly stands out and its cabling is very simple, which saves on labour costs.’


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