Café culture

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Café culture

THAILAND: Located on the main retail strip of Patong, the Hard Rock Café Phuket recently opened its doors to become one of the premier entertainment destinations in the southern Thai resort.

The two-level 1,330-sq-m outlet includes a 300-seat restaurant and bar area, patio seating and a signature Rock Shop. Memorabilia includes items from Madonna, Elvis Presley, Kiss and Guns ‘N’ Roses.

The modified building called for unprecedented challenges in terms of acoustics and space planning. After lengthy discussions, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd’s projects director, John Chan, together with Hard Rock Café Phukets’ general manager, Urs Mosimann, identified a number of concerns that needed to be taken into consideration. These included a targeted maximum SPL level of 107db for all the areas within the restaurant, together with sound isolation for the hotel rooms above the restaurant. The variable ceiling heights, elongated layout and multiple pillars posed the main challenges in Mahajak’s quest to ensure that the sound would be evenly distributed.

Singapore-based consultants CCW Associates were drafted in to troubleshoot the acoustic challenges and sound isolation requirements. As a result, all the ceilings and pillars have been reinforced with acoustic materials, while all the speaker mounts were being specially customised with acoustic suspension mounts.

Following acoustic treatment, Mahajak supplied and installed a FOH PA system consisting of six JBL VRX-932LA line array speakers, two SRX-718S and two SRX-728S subwoofers, which has been installed in an L-R configuration and powered by a total of six Crown XTi 4000 amplifiers. A near-field sound reinforcement system consisting of 41 JBL AC1895 speakers, seven AC16 speakers and four PRX518S subwoofers have been installed in the restaurant areas and fills, which are powered by seven Crown CTs-8200 amplifiers. The varied ceiling heights that exist in several areas of the venue have been overcome by employing BSS Soundweb London BLU-80 and BLU-32 processors, which have created distinct zones that are managed accordingly.

Live performances are mixed on a FOH Soundcraft GB8-32 channel console, while JBL MRX512M and 515 stage monitors powered by Crown XTi-2000 amplifiers assist the musicians in the spotlight. Three dbx 215V equalisers were also supplied for further colouration should it be needed.

Finally, the merchandising area is served by a BGM system consisting of 22 JBL Control 23T speakers powered by a single Crown CTs-600 amplifier, while the terrace area is assisted by seven JBL Control 29AV speakers powered by a single CTs-8200 amplifier.