China discusses loudness standardisation

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China discusses loudness standardisation

CHINA: To further promote the standardisation of loudness control within Chinese broadcasting, a convention was recently held in Xining, Qinghai province. Experts, engineers and broadcasters were invited to the four-day forum in mid-September, where Beijing Pacific Budee Technology Development Co Ltd took the opportunity to introduce products and technologies relevant to the discussions.

Representatives from Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation technical production centre hosted a discussion on true peak loudness and audio level technical requirements in digital television and the loudness integration in Jingsu Broadcasting Corporation. This was followed by speakers from the audio department at CCTV’s technical production centre highlighting different perspectives on the practice and control of loudness in TV production and broadcast. As one of the most influential TV stations in China, CCTV has invested heavily in the ongoing integration of loudness equipment, so imparting its valued expertise during their discussion was of great benefit to other broadcasters in attendance.

Beijing Pacific Budee Technology Development Co Ltd technical manager Li You provided a discussion on the touch of imagination. As a renowned recording engineer, Mr Li has worked alongside artists such as Eason Chan and Cui Jian. His discussion covered recording techniques and tips with particular reference to cabling, microphones, processing and mixing.

DK Technologies A/S CEO, Karsten Hanson, held a discussion on loudness between broadcast and various productions. The Danish company boasts patented technologies such as Star Fish and Jelly Fish and the demonstration allowed it to highlight the relationship of measurement on the display units. Variations in national loudness together with the unique features of DK Technologies A/S products that synchronise audio and video signals were also on the agenda.

Having recently been appointed as the exclusive Wheatstone distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau, Pacific Budee Technology Development Co Ltd was joined by Brad Harrison and Paul Picard from Wheatstone’s US office. The manufacturer’s new IP networked consoles were promoted at the Xining Convention highlighting the native IP interface with other production automation systems, AES67 compatibility and the scalability of IP audio networking. A wide range of consoles with varying inputs and outputs were showcased interfacing to the WheatNet-IP audio network via a Gibraltar IP Mix Engine. In addition, Avid China’s Li Liang promoted the Avid Venue S6L mixing system with over 300 processing channels and Pro Tools integration.

The seminar was reported to be a great success for all those who attended, allowing the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The overriding feedback from most attendees was how loudness control needed to be fully understood within the rapidly developing audio broadcast environment.

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