Chinese debut for dLive

Published: ASIA

Chinese debut for dLive

CHINA: Allen & Heath’s dLive mixer was put to use in China for the first time at the Guangzhou Gymnasium leg of Hins Cheung’s Live in Passion tour. The desk was used as part of the monitoring system alongside the manufacturer’s ME personal monitors.

Hong Kong-based production company, A Team Plus, managed audio for the tour. The dLive S5000 control surface and DM64 mix rack, as well as the ME monitor system were provided by Allen & Heath’s Chinese distributor, EZPro. The band on stage includes a drummer, bass, two guitarists, one programmer, three keyboards and four vocals, each equipped with an ME-1 personal mixer to control their own mix on stage.

‘Due to the size of the band, there is 64 inputs to manage. Fortunately, dLive’s control surface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Two screens on the surface provide a fantastic overview of what’s going on, and around the screens there are some physical knobs for compressor, EQ, and gate, which are extremely helpful when I mix. I can operate very quickly thanks to the Harmony UI, which integrates screen and wrap-around control,’ explained monitor engineer, Faymum Man. ‘dLive is smooth and natural, and this is the very reason why Allen & Heath mixers are my favourite. I have to mention that the built-in FX are fantastic. There are 16 FX engines with reverb, delay and many plugins such as De-Esser. While I have to pay for these effects in other consoles, I can get them free in dLive! I just love it.’

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