d&b updates Mowzz’ rental inventory

Published: ASIA

d&b updates Mowzz’ rental inventory

INDIA: Hyderabad-based rental company, Mowzz Entertainment, has updated its roster with the addition of a d&b audiotechnik sound solution. The purchase comprised V-Series systems and was facilitated by the manufacturer’s Indian distributor, Ansata.

Mowzz Entertainment took delivery of 12 V8 and four V12 line array elements, as well as four V-Subs and six B22 subwoofers. D80 amplifiers were also purchased to power the setup.

Prior to delivery, Ansata’s Neil Lean and Jacob Payyapilli provided Mowzz staff with a three-day training workshop on the V-Series, in addition to covering Arraycalc system design and R1 remote control software. This was followed up with a revision course conducted following delivery.

‘The entire team at Ansata were absolutely fabulous,’ said Zakir Alladin, director of Mowzz Entertainment. ‘I knew that we needed a brand that is a globally accepted standard on riders and after a bit of research I flew to d&b’s manufacturing facility in Germany to gain a better understanding of the brand and its products.’

The rental company has since put the system to use, including at Above & Beyond’s recent concert in Hyderabad. ‘The group’s manager was impressed with the quality of sound and with the fact that the impact of the subs could be felt at the very end of the 40m long arena,’ recalled Prakash Savio, partner at Mowzz Entertainment. ‘He even dropped by at FOH to thank us.’

‘It is heartening to have nothing but positive feedback from Zakir and Prakash about the performance of the rig in the live environment,’ said Ansata director Leslie Lean.


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