Dorier selects LaON as AI defeats human

Published: ASIA

Dorier selects LaON as AI defeats human

KOREA: Deepmind’s AlphaGo, an AI computer program, recently challenged and defeated professional go player, Lee Sedol. The event in Seoul saw Dorier Korea design, install and implement a LaON LT550 wireless intercom solution with multiple RBS25 repeaters in the main control room and broadcast rooms, supporting wireless communications for operating crews from both the AlphaGo team and camera crews.

‘While 11 full-duplex audio channels were offered, there is almost no limit on the number of beltpack connections per base station with the LaON system,’ said a spokesperson from Dorier Group’s local office. ‘The RBS25 IP-based repeater enables easy consolidation of multiple isolated areas into one communication coverage space, presenting a quick handoff experience between areas. With LaON, it is not necessary to deploy more than one base station for every single space, as one base station with RBS25 repeaters enables the whole system and its implementation.’

The best location needed to be worked out for each repeater during the installation, so as to not allow a wide overlapping area between stations within the given environment. Dorier stated that the high handoff sensitivity of the beltpacks provided was set for ‘smooth and quick roaming performance’. It was said that the crew were pleased with the beltpack and wearable headset, along with the ‘stress-free audio quality under the strained site circumstances’.

‘There were many broadcasters that installed various pieces of broadcast and A/V equipment during the event,’ the spokesperson concluded. ‘One of the challenges was to secure robust cable connections. In a tough environment such as this, an STP cable is strongly recommended to connect repeaters with stable connectors.’

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