Doug Jones Danley Sound Labs

Published: ASIA

Doug Jones Danley Sound Labs

Danley Sound Labs has recruited acoustician and pro audio renaissance man Doug Jones to act as a part-time technical consultant.

Mr Jones recently stepped down from his position as chairman of the Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago in order to spend more time consulting, but will continue teaching the next generation of audio professionals as a professor at Columbia. His new venture with Danley Sound Labs fits well with his teaching responsibilities.

 Mr Jones has worked in almost every facet of pro audio over  the past 20 years, primarily analysing and designing room acoustics. In his new role at Danley, he will be responsible for technical white papers and coordinating dealer programmes. ‘Tom [Danley] and Doug Jones have a great deal of mutual respect,’ said Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs. ‘They’ve spent time together rapt in conversation about the nuances and intrigues of sound reproduction. They’re obviously birds of a feather. With Jones’ lifelong devotion, not just to understanding and implementing the principles of acoustics, but also, to communicating them to a wider audience, there is no one better suited to assist Danley Sound Labs. We’re grateful to have Doug Jones on the team.’

Published in PAA Appointments  May/June 2010