Dynatech amplifies JK Sound’s inventory

Published: ASIA

Dynatech amplifies JK Sound’s inventory

INDIA: Due to an increase in the size of the shows that it was facilitating, JK Sound has invested in five V-3000 power amplifiers from Dynatech’s V-Series. The Rajkot-based rental company made the purchase via the manufacturer’s Indian distributor, Sonotone.

‘We are known for delivering quality sound solutions and that’s a reputation that we work hard to live up to every single day. The fact that we have chosen to invest in Dynatech’s V-3000 says everything about the quality of performance and dependability of these amplifiers,’ said JK Sound’s Mr Kalpeshbhai. ‘The amps are rock solid in terms of build quality, and their performance is absolutely brilliant. Powerful and clean output is what makes them a star in terms of performance, and the fact that it is extremely efficient in terms of logistics makes it an even bigger asset to us. We’re seriously thinking about adding some more whenever the need arises.’


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