E&E breathes new life into CÉ LA VI

Published: ASIA

E&E breathes new life into CÉ LA VI

SINGAPORE: Since opening in 2010, the 57th floor observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Resort in Singapore has attracted increasing numbers of visitors wishing to take in the 360-degree vista of the city skyline and Singapore Strait. Perched 200m above the surrounding reclaimed land, it is more that just an observation deck. Previously known as KU DÉ TA, CÉ LA VI now entices sophisticated lounge lovers and diners with its circular SkyBar, vibrant club lounge and modern Asian restaurant. Inspired by the French phrase C'est La Vie (this is life), the aptly named venue was completely refurbished, with Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) called upon to apply its bespoke stratospheric signature in the form of a new d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system.

Hong Kong-based interior design firm, AB Concept, has created a venue that pays homage to South East Asian culture, including 16th century Javanese poetry and prints, 18th century Balinese woodwork and Angkor Wat. E&E is of course no stranger to the MBS Resort, having conducted all the A/V works lower down for the hotel, exhibition conferencing centre, casino, theatres and shopping mall. Working closely with both AB Concept and d&b audiotechnik’s system designer in Germany, Ralf Koehler, E&E product manager Case Woo and project engineer Luo Na ensured the E&E team sympathetically integrated the new audio system into this ornate 3,700 sq-m fabric.

The club lounge is home to resident and guest DJs who entertain patrons until late each night from the twin Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus turntables and DJM900 SRT mixer. The main dance floor system combines four Yi8 cabinets with dual B2 Subs, whilst the surrounding tables are reinforced by a combination of Yi7P cabinets and 18S subwoofers, all finished in black. The outer deck SkyBar combines 17 8S and four Yi7P wall mounted tops supplemented by three 12S and three 18S floor-standing subwoofers, all weatherised and finished in white. Powered by 10D and 30D amplifiers, the Dante networkable system adopts Symnet Radius 12x8 EX and xOut 12 signal processors with EQ presets for providing audio expansion via the IT infrastructure.

The restaurant requires a lower SPL solution for its diners, but nevertheless boasts a large inventory of d&b audiotechnik cabinets. In addition to five Yi7P speakers, some 18 black and white wall-mounted 8S models together with 12 smaller 4S and 5S enclosures are enhanced by the presence of nine 12S and four 18S subwoofers. Once again, this particular zone is powered by a combination of 10D and 30D amplifiers.

‘We had to fully understand the interior designer’s requirements and liaise regularly with Ralf in Germany who helped us execute the final speaker positions,’ explained Mr Woo. ‘Ensuring the subwoofers were correctly located was a primary consideration as it was vital that the low frequencies did not resonate to the guest rooms on the lower floors. For this reason, we had to create concrete casings for the B2 subwoofers under the DJ area, so their combined energy would be solely directed within CÉ LA VI. The turntables too had to be placed in on solid wood.’ For the team of eight E&E engineers including site manager Kari and programmer Zhang who worked on the project, it was just another day in their lives as they channelled new conduits, terminated cables and fixed subwoofers into exacting locations.


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