EZPro caters for all at Mingshan Stadium

Published: ASIA

EZPro caters for all at Mingshan Stadium

CHINA: A recent installation carried out by local integrator Chengdu Eagle Huang Technology Co Ltd at the new Mingshan Stadium in Sichuan, China, has included the deployment of Symetrix Solus processors to support flexible system processing and distribution. Tasked with designing the system and supplying the equipment, EZPro Sound & Light Co Ltd needed to ensure ‘excellent’ speech intelligibility and a constant SPL of 95dB to at least 80 per cent of the seating. The new stadium, a multi-purpose venue intended to support sports, entertainment, conferences and exhibitions, is credited with being one of the most significant construction projects following the Lushan earthquake in 2013.

Opting for a distributed sound system, the design featured seven separate clusters of Community R Series speakers to support sports events, and a separate PA system installed to handle performance-based events comprising Mackie HDA powered line array speakers and subwoofers. Audio is fed separately from a central Allen & Heath ZED436 mixing console to two Symetrix SymNet Solus 8 DSPs before being sent to the individual speaker systems.

‘The SymNet Solus 8 DSP is a very reliable piece of hardware, but one should also highlight its multiple control capabilities,’ offered EZPro’s Xuejun Lian. ‘For example, it can be controlled through the SymNet Designer software or third-party touch panels – the kind of flexibility that is vital for a project of this scale.’

Meanwhile, the Solus’ open architecture and library of design templates allow each loudspeaker cluster to be optimised. ‘This enables us to get the best possible intelligibility results for the room depending on the acoustic requirements of each event,’ noted Mr Lian.

Six months after the stadium’s opening, the audio system has reportedly met all of the original requirements. ‘The system delivers the required levels of SPL and speech clarity,’ observed a spokesperson for Chengdu Eagle Huang Technology. ‘Not only does it achieve even coverage of the audience areas, it also avoids detrimental sound reflections. The result is that we can achieve the perfect sound, no matter what type of event is taking place.’


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