First 100 APAC graduates for Shure Audio Institute

Published: ASIA

First 100 APAC graduates for Shure Audio Institute

APAC: Following the introduction of the Shure Audio Institute (SAI) in 2015, the manufacturer has confirmed that ‘over 100 graduates from 12 Asia Pacific countries have successfully completed all required modules of three different certifications according to their interests and goals’. SAI is a free educational programme that awards certification at three levels: Pro Audio, Integrated Systems and Retail.

Of the 100 plus who have completed the certification across the region, nine are certified ‘Pro Audio Experts’, nine are ‘Integrated Systems Experts’ and the rest have completed the Retail Experts of Consumer Electronics/Music Instruments qualification.

‘On the retail frontline, I need to work irregular hours. Therefore, in the past I never thought about getting any additional qualifications as it’s simply too hard to cope with the class schedule,’ commented Ivan Lam of Let’s Go Audio, a Shure dealer based in Hong Kong. ‘The SAI programme is designed for flexible study via a website. I can access the modules online anytime and anywhere and finish them one by one according to my own schedule.’

‘SAI aims to help audio professionals in the global ecosystem to well-equip themselves with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their specialised segments,’ said Kennex Tse, director of regional marketing at Shure Asia Limited.

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