Floating Christmas tree lit by Jands Vista

Published: ASIA

Floating Christmas tree lit by Jands Vista

AUSTRALIA: The Floating Christmas on Port Philip Bay has become an annual spectacle for the residents of Geelong, near Melbourne. During the most recent festive period, the spectacle was enhanced by the inclusion of personalised lighting shows installed by local A/V consultancy Total Events using a Jands Vista dongle and Vista V2 software.

The tree was lit by more than 50 LED wash and moving head fixtures and almost 100 LED tubes featuring individual pixel control. These were split over 24 universes and run via a custom Artnet wireless solution. The 8,500 channels comprising the 24 universes were facilitated using a 16,384-channel Jands Vista dongle. A PC was employed to run the Vista V2 software that provided control. Another PC was on standby on tracking back-up, though was not used.

‘Lighting designer Mark Hammer was impressed at how easy editing cues and adjusting playback timing was, as well as the simple yet powerful “Undo” command,’ noted Greg Edge from Total Events. ‘Jands also added a few features to the audio playback side of things to improve ease of editing.

‘Jands Vista was up to the task, and performed flawlessly for the entire show run, firing off all 24 universes for every show as programmed,’ Mr Edge continued. ‘The custom features allowed all of the elements to be incorporated into Vista without needing external software or servers. Total Events are proud both to have been involved in the project as well as with the final delivery and has increased its moving head and LED wash inventory again.’


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