Hangar 18 brings London to Hyderabad

Published: ASIA

Hangar 18 brings London to Hyderabad

INDIA: Hangar 18 Entertainment has just completed a d&b installation at the most recent branch of 24-year old entertainment brand, 10 Downing Street, in Hyderabad.

There are now 15 of the 10 Downing Street venues across India, and this is the second to open in Hyderabad. The bars have an English pub theme, with wooden décor and London memorabilia, and the newest branch will double up as a nightclub on certain days of the week.

‘This is one of the more premium branches of the chain that we’ve worked on,’ explained Hangar 18’s director, Madhu Oswin, who is also based in Hyderabad. ‘It’s the first to feature a spacious outdoor terrace, which gives the venue a total capacity of 250. We needed to find a speaker which was comparatively small in size and that sounded good. The place is really upbeat so we went with a top brand.’

Mr Oswin has been involved in five of the previous 10 Downing Street openings, in Chennai, Nagpur, Calcutt and Coimbatore, plus the previous Hyderabad branch. His company also handles live events in various Hyderabad venues, working with a Turbosound Aspect PA rig.

The installed system at the new 10 Downing Street has been divided into five separate zones. The dance floor has been equipped with two Yi7P compact installation speakers and two Vi-GSub active cardioid subwoofers, while four Xs 8S and two Xs 5S stand-alone speakers with an Xs 18S subwoofer cover the bar area. Two Xs 12S and an Xs 18S sub have been installed into the Churchill’s Den VIP lounge, two Xs 8S and an Xs 18S handle the front seating area, while four E8s cover the terrace. Additionally, a Max2 has been provided for the DJ booth, and the entire system is driven by one d&b 30D and three 10D amplifiers. Other equipment to be installed includes two Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus 2 and a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus 2 DJ decks.

‘We wanted to have one of the best party places in Hyderabad, so we had to go with the best sound system available,’ said 10 Downing Street partner and co-owner, Vinod Reddy. ‘The quality of sound is outstanding, and it is such a compact and well integrated system.’


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