Hexogon takes Taiwanese Christmas to new a dimension

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Hexogon takes Taiwanese Christmas to new a dimension

TAIWAN: It’s that that time of the year when cities and towns worldwide are lighting up their streets in anticipation of the holidays. In contrast to the speckle of fairy lights that occasionally catch the eye in my local town, the official lighting ceremony laid on in Taipei, Christmasland in New Taipei City, drew thousands of spectators to the Xinban Special District on 19th November. Tasked with providing a series of projection mapping exhibits was Christie partner, Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd, choosing to deploy a total 42 Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP projectors.

A slew of colourful visuals depicting the adventures of Santa Bear and the Fang Tou Bear family are being projected onto the façade of the 30-storey New Taipei City Hall building in Banqiao District, as well as a 360-degree projection on a 36m-high cone-shaped Christmas tree in front of the building. The project marked the first use of the Boxer projectors at a major event in Taipei and is also reportedly the biggest ever projection mapping performance to be held here, with a total projection area of 5,239 sq-m.

‘We are immensely honoured to be given this opportunity to create this visual spectacular for the New Taipei City Government, by deploying 33 Boxer 4K30s for projections on the building’s surface and nine projectors for mapping around the cone-shaped Christmas tree,’ explained Adrian Goh, group managing and artistic director, Hexogon Solution. ‘Our objective is to create a world-class performance for the enjoyment of Taiwanese spectators during this festive period. At the same time, we wish to set the standard of what it takes to deliver a good projection mapping show in terms of technology, brightness and image quality in Taiwan.

‘For this performance, we worked towards achieving contents with a more three-dimensional approach,’ he added. ‘The specified characters had been created in 3D, rather than using 2D animation that was done previously. The setting also involved a lot of optical illusion techniques, by conducting many rounds of simulations with mapping to bring the environment to life.’

The Hexogon team has to work around the clock to meet the short timelines and to overcome the unpredictable on-site weather, but the project was successfully setup in a week.

‘We developed our own enclosures that allow alignment and even the actual show to run under extreme weather conditions,’ furthered Mr Goh. ‘With proper exhaust, a cooling system and an optical glass front case specially customised for this event, we are able to extend the heat tolerance of the Boxer 4K30 projectors to better manage the performances. We’re pleased with the performance of the Boxer 4K30s and are also delighted to accomplish our objective of delivering the biggest projection mapping performance in Taiwan. The client is also happy that whatever we suggested has been fulfilled and proven correct. Hopefully this will set a new standard and customers’ expectation for future shows in Taiwan.’


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