Hippotizer visuals at the Logies

Published: ASIA

Hippotizer visuals at the Logies

AUSTRALIA: The 59th annual Logie Awards were held at Melbourne’s Crown Palladium with lighting and production company Colourblind handling the media server and console setup. Colourblind utilised Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers to spread visual effects and video across three screens on stage and a wrap-around screen that surrounded the audience and pixel mapped content to fixtures and LED chandeliers.

The server and console setup was managed by Colourblind director Lynden Gare. A pair of Hippotizer Karst 2U servers were deployed. One fed a 4,884-pixel wide image canvas to the three screens on stage via SDI and handled the pixel mapping duties, feeding the LED fixtures. The other Karst fed a 192x160 output to LED chandeliers and sent a 1,920-pixel wide image to the screens around the auditorium. Green Hippo’s Australian distributor, Lexair, provided a Hippotizer Taiga as a back-up for the event, as it was also broadcast live on the Nine Network.

‘We like to drive media servers with a console and Green Hippo has the best DMX profile for that,’ said Mr Gare. ‘It’s really easy to add a nice blur to content, slow it down, speed it up or play it in reverse. Most importantly, the colour manipulation is perfect for TV. Operating a media server from a console instead of a timeline works well for us. With a timeline, you’re fixed to what was done in rehearsals, but with a console, we can change timings or move a fader slightly slower or faster.’


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