Indian rental companies invest in compact M28

Published: ASIA

Indian rental companies invest in compact M28

INDIA: Three rental companies in India have added to their inventories by purchasing Nexo STM line array systems that feature the M28 module. Just Audio in Goa, as well as Mumbai’s Karryman Sound and Chakor Sound, have all invested in the solution that comprises of four core modules as it reportedly enables them to design a variety of different audio setups for differing client needs.

‘This system suits any type of application, whether you fly them or stack them,’ noted Karryman Sound owner Raju Naidu. ‘I love the tone.’

The M28 is the smallest member of the STM family. Chakor Sound recently deployed its new units along with S118 subwoofers at the Palm Show, which took place in the Yamaha Live Arena, finding the system ‘small but powerful’ and ‘easy to rig’.

Over in Goa, Just Audio added 12 M28s, six B112 bass cabinets and six S118s to its roster, utilising its new kit for various events including Goa Carnival. ‘I don’t compromise with sound quality and now prefer to install the M28 for every show,’ said Troy Furtado, owner of Just Audio. ‘Its versatile features enable me to spread sound to the every corner of a venue.’

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