Intercommunication at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

Published: ASIA

BANGLADESH: Dhaka served as the host city for the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, which was staged throughout several halls at the Bangabandu International Convention Centre. The organiser, Asiatic Events, enlisted Thai A/V conference solutions provider Mighty Mice Asia to supply interpretation and discussion systems for the assembly. However, due to the size of the event, which called for 48 interpretation booths, 1,700 delegate receivers and 450 conference microphones, Mighty Mice Asia sought assistance from Dubai-based DLC Events.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly is staged twice a year in different cities around the world, bringing together government representatives to explore global issues and recommend solutions. The scope of the conference was such that even DLC Events’ deep inventory provided only half of the interpreter booths required. Therefore, support was sourced and provided from several other suppliers around the region to ensure that the assembly was fully equipped with enough booths. A mammoth solution comprising Shure’s DCS 6000 Digital Conference and DIR Digital Infrared Audio Distribution systems was supplied in full from the DLC Events roster to facilitate communications.

In total, 1,700 Shure DR6032 delegate receivers were deployed to ensure that all representatives could listen to the speakers comfortably, while 24 RA6025 infrared digital radiators were each able to transmit up to 32 channels, enabling delegates to listen to their chosen interpreted language. At the start of the signal chain were 24 DC6990 portable touchscreen conference and 450 DC6190 portable conference microphone units. For interpretation, 94 Shure IS6132 interpreter desks were set up, as were 28 Multi-Caisses interpreter booths and 25 interpretation booths from Audipak’s 9000 series. Meanwhile, the eight control racks housed Shure CU6110 central control units, DT6032 digital transmitters, AO6008 audio output units, each of which can output up to eight floor or language channels for IR language distribution, and Marantz PMD580 solid state recorders.

A further challenge presented itself due to the location, as Dhaka was new to all parties involved, meaning extra care had to be taken to ensure deadlines were met in regards to logistics and local customs procedures. Additionally, the amount of equipment that was shipped in from Dubai weighed approximately 15 tonnes, raising the potential problem of finding sufficient space on cargo aircraft. With the event being of such importance, support was provided by the Bangladesh government and the IPU organising committee, ensuring the equipment was fast tracked through customs in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks.

‘It was a learning curve from start to finish but I am proud of the whole team involved from both Thailand and the UAE,’ said Mark Breakspear, project manager from DLC Events. ‘Delivering an event in Dhaka for the first time was a great pleasure and a fantastic opportunity to work in a country whose development has seen so much growth in recent years. We look forwards to returning again.’

Sally-Anne Sader from the conference services office of the IPU presented the team with a special commendation following their efforts on the project. She noted that it was a ‘great pleasure to attest to the professional and competent way in which both Mighty Mice and DLC Events undertook the task of ensuring that all the booths and equipment were installed for the Assembly in a timely manner’.

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