Iosono and Hyundai build new experiences

Published: ASIA

Iosono and Hyundai build new experiences

KOREA: Hyundai has once again installed an Iosono solution in one of its flagship showrooms. The South Korean car manufacturer first installed Barco’s 3D audio solution to create an immersive customer experience at its flagship Hyundai Motorstudio Digital facility in Seoul and has replicated its success with the opening of Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang.

The new facility is expected to greet up to 2,000 visitors a day. Its main attraction allows guests to explore the development of a car from the initial design phase and culminating in a 4D race. Participants can also explore the importance of car sound design within the exhibit’s sound chamber that’s equipped with the Iosono Core audio processor and 60 JBL AC15 speakers, which have been embedded within the wall of the structure. A variety of car sounds, such as engines and horns, accompany music from the 3D sound system, which has been synced with animated coloured lights.

The sound chamber was conceptualised by Tech Data and installed by Barco’s South Korean integration partner, Sonospace. German companies Klangerfinder and Idee und Klang orchestrated the sound design.

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