IP network transports PA through Shenzhen Metro

Published: ASIA

IP network transports PA through Shenzhen Metro

CHINA: A DSPPA IP network PA system has been installed on the soon-to-open lines nine and 11 of the Shenzhen Metro. The IP solution was opted for due to the increased flexibility and transmitting distance offered when compared to a traditional PA system.

With multiple lines under construction for the transportation system, an advantage of the DSPPA IP network system is that its protocol is compatible with TCP/IP protocols. This has meant that the setup can take advantage of the existing LAN/WAN networks, speeding up the construction process, as no cables needed to be laid, while multiple networks have been linked together.

A total of 75 DSP1502 phased array column speakers have been deployed for the project, which also covers the new parking lot. Additionally, DSP207 horn speakers and DSP803 ceiling speakers were installed, with MP9921M M/S amplifier auto switchers and MAG1335 two-channel power amplifiers fuelling the speakers, while WH-1F volume controllers are also utilised.

Several of DSPPA’s control devices have also been employed within the Shenzhen Metro, including the MAG6182 IP 800-zone network PA control panel, MAG 6804 IP network audio terminal and MP9923S PA system sequence controller. The MAG6416 16-channel fire fighting linkage network terminal, MAG6465 SOS terminal and MAG6588 IP network paging station have also been integrated.


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