It’s Showtime for Christie

Published: ASIA

It’s Showtime for Christie

TAIWAN: The 17 auditoriums at Showtime Cinemas’ venue in the recently constructed Taichung Showtime Plaza are all equipped with audio and visual solutions from Christie. RGB laser projector systems beam the images to the screens while sound is delivered courtesy of Vive Audio cinema systems. The manufacturer’s Taiwanese partner, Dacoms Technology, carried out the installations, with support provided by Showtime and Christie’s technical teams.

The installation of Christie Vive Audio at the Taichung cinema complex marks the 400th worldwide. Each auditorium features line array and surround speakers from the Vive Audio LA Series, as well as S115, S215 and S218 subwoofers, all powered by CDA3 and CDA5 Class-D amplifiers. The solution reportedly facilitates the full dynamic range of DCI digital cinema audio in addition to a multitude of formats including Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound.

Inside Hall 1, a CP42LH 3DLP 4K RGB laser projector serves a 22m screen and audiences of up to 340. It is capable of generating 45,000 lumens of white light and outputting several combinations of RGB primary colour wavelengths. The other 16 auditoriums possess CP2215, CP2220 and CP2230 DLP digital cinema projectors. Christie’s RGB laser projection system includes enhanced wavelength diversification (EWD) technology, designed to provide a boost in brightness, image quality, stability and flexibility.

‘As one of the leading cinema chains in Taiwan, we are strongly committed to offering the best-in-class cinema technologies for our patrons to enjoy the finest visuals and audio on the opening of our newest cinema complex in Taichung,’ exclaimed Showtime Cinemas general manager, Willy Liao. ‘We’re convinced that Christie’s highly acclaimed projection and audio solutions are perfect for deployment in this cineplex. Not only does the Christie RGB laser projection system with EWD deliver the best visuals, the unique design and amazing acoustics of Christie Vive Audio also provides unmatched surround sound for a spectacular cinematic experience.’

‘We’ve been working with Christie for many years and have always been very impressed with the company’s constant technological and groundbreaking advancements in digital cinema,’ added Emily Hong, president of Dacoms Technology. ‘Our team members involved in this major project in Taichung have benefited much from working with Christie’s highly proficient technical team, and are thrilled to bring the latest RGB laser and immersive audio technologies to cinema audiences in Taichung.’

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