Jabalapur Events feels the Thump

Published: ASIA

Jabalapur Events feels the Thump

INDIA: Jabalapur Events, a rental company based in the city from which it draws its name, has recently added to its inventory with the purchase of several Mackie Thump 18 portable active subwoofers. The investment was made by the rental company’s director, Amitabh Rao, who took the decision to reinforce Jabalapur Events’ audio offerings with subs that are flexible enough to be used for any type of live application. The sale was facilitated by local Mackie dealer Manjeet Electronics while Sonotone serves as the manufacturer’s distributor in India.

‘The moment I heard the Mackie Thump 18s I fell in love with them,’ said Mr Rao. ‘The subs deliver clear and powerful output and the sound quality is amazing. We’re extremely thankful to Manjeet Electronics for helping us with this requirement. We’re thrilled with our purchase decision.’

‘We’re glad to have been of service to Mr Rao and his team at Jabalpur Events,’ added Mr Honey from Manjeet Electronics. ‘It’s a matter of pride that we were able to ensure that one more customer enjoys the high standards of quality that Mackie stands for.’


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