K-array and Loud Technologies Asia put the roar in Singapore

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K-array and Loud Technologies Asia put the roar in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Having previously been served by Sennheiser Asia for several years, K-array has appointed Loud Technologies Asia as its new distributor in Singapore. The subsidiary of Trektech is a principal distributor in the region providing the Singaporean market with a portfolio of products from a number of reputable brands, such as Audac. Formerly managed by the late Jason Quek, the company is currently run by brother Colin with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia promoting a diverse range of professional stage, rigging, effects and architectural lighting together with indoor and outdoor sound reinforcement rigging brands.

President of global sales and marketing at K-array, Marc Vincent, explained the rationale in making the appointment. ‘Both Colin and Loud Technologies Asia are well-known in the region with many years of experience and expertise. K-array has already benefitted from sales by working together, and so we are looking forward to a lasting partnership built on many endeavours.’

Having personally worked with a number of premium brands over the years including Martin Audio and One Systems, Mr Quek could not resist the lure of the K-array logo when applying it to fixed installations. ‘Linear column arrays are quickly becoming the preferred solution to many problems in sound reinforcement and many manufacturers are now jumping on the bandwagon, but K-array has arguably been the pioneer in this field for a long time now. Installers, IDs and architects have increasingly become aware of the many benefits of K-array’s products – they’re ultra-discreet and as such don’t harm the interior aesthetics, provide great coverage control and a high STI over long distances making difficult acoustic spaces relatively simple to tame. Whoever thought that a miniature line column the size of a chocolate bar could perform so well and yet quite literally disappear into the wall.’

With a nod to the live sound and rental production market, Mr Quek acknowledged that he felt privileged to work with a forward thinking company. ‘K-array’s roots are in rental production and it shows. As such rental houses appreciate their systems for being powerful, yet lightweight and compact. Innovative designs such as the Anakonda solve problems that no one else can. By offering K-array, our rental partners tell us that they have a better return on investment by offering solutions that others cannot with conventional boxes. Crucially in Singapore, as most of the products are IP56 rated, there’s no need to cover the speakers with ugly trash bags when it rains. It has always my goal to work with K-array and the when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.’


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