Kara joins the IPS line-up

Published: ASIA

Kara joins the IPS line-up

AUSTRALIA: Brendan Sadgrove and Jeremy Koch formed Innovative Production Services (IPS) as a part-time venture in 1997, taking the business full-time in 1999. Since its inception in the late nineties, the Sydney-based rental company has evolved into one of New South Wales’ leading technical production companies and developed an ever-growing portfolio of clients, all whilst using its original A-rig. In need of an upgrade to ensure its customers receive the ‘best possible production values’, IPS recently invested in an L-Acoustics Kara system and X-Series speakers, acquired via the manufacturer’s Australian distributor, Hills SVL Group.

‘Our original system had served us well over the years, but it was time to take the next step and acquire a market leading sound system that would deliver better results for our clients. In doing so, we hoped that this would also further raise our profile and widen our client base,’ explained Mr Sadgrove. ‘The decision to invest in Kara was based on a number of factors. We were impressed that the L-Acoustics product portfolio is very focused and, as a company, it does not release a continual stream of new products. This gave us the confidence that we were not investing in a system that could be superseded in the near future.’

The uniformity of the manufacturer’s products also attracted IPS to the solution purchased as well as the audio quality and ease of use offered during listening tests conducted. ‘Rather than have different lines of varying quality and price point, the company has a concise, high quality range with no weaknesses and long product life cycles,’ Mr Sadgrove noted. ‘When the three systems were subject to our listening tests, every one of our engineers chose Kara for its sonic performance and rigging simplicity.’

The Kara system was reportedly put use soon after being added to the rental company's inventory seeing deployment at Intel Drone 100 during Vivid Sydney and at the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Ball. It will go on to provide sound reinforcement for a variety of events, from performances by live bands to conferences.

‘I knew we had made the right choice at one of the very first events we did with it,’ Mr Sadgrove concluded. ‘The sound quality and SPL coverage was very consistent. It sounded amazing, regardless of where you were in the venue - even right at the back. Every one of our customers has made a point of mentioning the clarity and overall performance of the Kara system. I am very excited to own this system and I look forward to expanding our L-Acoustics inventory in the near future.’


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