Lasalle gets versatile with Duality

Published: ASIA

Lasalle gets versatile with Duality

SINGAPORE: Lasalle College of the Arts has chosen a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console with two Alpha Link units and one Delta Link unit as the centrepiece of its School of Contemporary Music technical courses.

Based in Singapore, Lasalle offers a comprehensive range of diploma and degree programs covering dance, design, fine arts, film, media arts, music and theatre arts. Housed in Studio C201, the SSL Duality provides the signal flow, DAW control and high quality sound necessary for the programme.

‘The Duality gives us a versatile platform that can easily handle the different needs of each area of study, as students from all specialties take courses in music production,’ explained Justin Hegburg, a lecturer at the school. ‘We also offer a specialist music technology program that enables our students to move to a deeper technical level. These students become music technicians, going on to careers as professional recording engineers and live sound mixers. We also have composers learning on the Duality who can design sound for installations, dance and theatre productions, and film in collaboration with our school of film at Lasalle. SSL has long been an industry standard and a top choice for professional studios around the world and the Duality gives our students the marketplace advantage of having trained on this premiere console.’

In order to provide students with the understanding of basic signal flow, Lasalle decided to go with a large format analogue console with an extensive patch bay as opposed to a controller for the resident Pro Tools HD 3 and Pro Tools 8 systems. Duality uses the two Alpha Link and one Delta Link units to connect to the Pro Tools systems. According to Mr Hegburg, the Duality console provides the program with a well-organised workflow platform alongside powerful features and a clean signal path. The resident DAW control allows instructors to teach both the fundamentals of analogue signal flow as well as high-resolution DAW control.

‘The direct benefits of the Duality as a teaching tool are vast,’ stated Mr Hegburg. ‘It gives us a platform that can handle any of the multitudes of different projects we run through the console. The DAW HUI and Mackie control protocols allow us to combine the best of analogue signal flow and DAW control in one console. This makes the learning experience easier for both instructors and students as we do not need to teach several different console surfaces to accomplish what the Duality gives us. The flexible bus architecture is accessible for teaching basic signal flow, yet powerful enough to explore more complex work flows. The console also offers 5.1 surround capabilities, allowing us to expand in that direction in the future.’

Mr Hegburg has had personal experience with the 4000 E, 4000 G and 9000 K series consoles in the past, so the new desk is a continuation of that experience. ‘Our students are using equipment that the top studios in the world use, so their experience with the Duality gives them the best preparation they can have as graduates.’