Localised PA for Lihpao

Published: ASIA

Localised PA for Lihpao

TAIWAN: A BXB WMP-2100 public address system has been installed across Lihpao Group’s large recreational space in the Houli District of Taichung. The site comprises the Lihpao Outlet Mall and Lihpao Land theme park, as well as the Fullon Hotel, F&B outlets and the F3 Racing Park. The project was managed by Yu-tai Multimedia Limited.

The WMP-2100 solution was chosen by Yu-tai Multimedia’s manager, Li Junqi, due to its all-in-one design that combines all the functions required for a large-scale PA system, including multi audio source mixing, monitoring, power control, telephone broadcasting, two-way intercom and door accessibility. The system is also capable of distinguishing between different zones, which was a key requirement for Lihpao.

‘BXB’s intuitive operation and easy settings are why I continue choosing their products,’ explained Mr Junqi. ‘Public spaces such as Lihpao’s require local fire alarm systems to execute emergency announcements and that allow administrators to choose from multiple audio sources for transmitting across different zones. BXB’s WMP-2100 system satisfied these demands.’


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