Mahajak integrates A/V at SCG HQ

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Mahajak integrates A/V at SCG HQ

THAILAND: To celebrate 100 years of trading, Siam Cement Group (SCG) commissioned the construction of a new head office, which it named the SCG 100 Years Building. Contracted to provide the building’s A/V equipment was Mahajak Development Co Ltd, which designed and installed a complete solution including Shure wireless microphone systems, an audio system comprising JBL and Crown along with Kramer devices to control the visual aspects.

The installation began in two seminar rooms on the building’s third floor, each designed in the style of an amphitheatre with a rising seating area and the ability to facilitate videoconferences. In these rooms, a BSS BLU-100 digital signal processor distributes the audio signal to three Crown XLi800 power amplifiers, which in turn power the main PA that is made up of two JBL KS308 loudspeakers with four Control26C ceiling speakers. On the visual side, a Panasonic PT-EW630 LCD projector receives video signal from Kramer’s PT-561 and PT-562 transmitter and receiver combination, beaming it onto a Razr motorised screen measuring over 5m.

A similar A/V setup has been adopted for the building’s training rooms, which differ only slightly in architecture from the seminar rooms. In the training rooms, Crown 1160MA amplifiers power the system instead of the XLi800, and Control26CT ceiling speakers were deployed instead of the Control26C model.

A pivotal part of the project took place in boardroom on the 21st floor, which has been fitted out with a Shure ULX-D digital wireless microphone system composed of SM58 and MX150 microphones with the manufacturer’s bodypacks. Having recently installed Shure’s MX418D gooseneck microphones at the Government House of Thailand and The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Mahajak was confident that the manufacturer’s products would meet the client’s specifications.

Down on the seventh floor, Mahajak installed equipment in nine conference rooms. The visual setup once more called upon the Kramer transmitters and receivers, Panasonic projectors and Razr motorised screens. The audio setup in each of these rooms is powered by an Extron MPA152 Mini power amplifier and comprises JBL Control24C Micro ceiling speakers, with two-way video conferencing facilitated by a Kramer VS-44HN matrix switcher and FC-46XL audio de-embedder.

A further four conference rooms are found on the 20th floor and each can accommodate meetings of up to 30 people. Mahajak installed a Shure MX391 surface-mounted microphone in each of these rooms to provide intelligibility during meetings, with BSS’ BLU-101 and BLU-BIB processing the audio input from the mic. The signal is then carried to a pair of Xli800 amps, which power six Control26C ceiling speakers. The visual setup mirrors that of the seventh floor.

The largest room in the building is the multifunction room that can accommodate up to 1,000 people and can be divided into four smaller conference rooms. In this room, Mahajak deployed a dbx PB48 that is set to patch audio signals to a Soundcraft mixer and several BLU-100 DSPs. Signal is then fed to a range of Crown amplifiers and JBL loudspeakers. Left and right hangs combining four of JBL’s VRX928LA line arrays with a VRX915S subwoofer are powered by a XLi2500 and XLi3500 respectively. When the room is split into multiple conference rooms an XLi800 is used to power Control26C ceiling speakers with Control19CS ceiling subwoofers. The audio setup is controlled via a Crestron central automation system, while the visual system once again combines Kramer devices with a Panasonic projector, but this time relies on a Draper projection screen. Also installed was a DMX lighting control system from Martin.

Finally, the systems integrator has equipped both the executive lounge and fitness centre with the same sound solution that comprises a pair of Crown 160MA amplifiers with JBL Control26CT ceiling speakers.

‘SCG is a big organisation in Thailand and it was a great honour for us to be the A/V systems integrator for this project,’ said Arom Amyaem, sales project manager at Mahajak. ‘We are proud that the SCG project is one of our reference projects.'

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