Martin Audio and Powersoft roll with the punches

Published: ASIA

Martin Audio and Powersoft roll with the punches

JAPAN: b-monster in Tokyo’s Aoyama district is a boxing fitness studio that operates with the lights dimmed and the music turned up, providing its members with a nightclub-style environment. The music is delivered by a solution comprising Martin Audio’s CDD and CSX loudspeakers, installed by Enter-Sandman Inc and powered by Powersoft amplifiers.

The solution is formed of 12 CDD12 loudspeakers and four CSX118 subwoofers. These are controlled via Martin Audio’s DX0.5 management system. The loudspeakers are powered by three Powersoft M50Q HDSP+ETH 4-channel power amplifiers, while a single X4 DSP+D drives the subwoofers. The Italian manufacturer’s Armonía pro audio software suite provides control of the system.

‘Before deciding which speaker was best for b-monster I tested several manufacturers’ products,’ reveals Mr Dobashi, director of Enter-Sandman. ‘My priorities were to establish which would produce the most consistent acoustic sound over a long period without causing fatigue, and secondly to create a real club sound environment with a thick low bass beat.’

‘The brief was to deliver a high quality, nightclub style sound without compromise,’ recalled Shin Yamada who works across Powersoft Audio distributor Audio Brains and Martin Audio Japan. ‘As soon as the gym opened customers started commenting that the sound quality is way ahead of any other gym.’

‘I found that the performance of CDD was acoustically extremely natural, not only its coaxial qualities but also the fact that it is a well-tuned box,’ furthers Mr Dobashi. ‘I found I didn't need to make electronic adjustments compared with other competitive brands and could maintain a high dynamic range without losing acoustic power.’

Mr Yamada also commented: ‘DSP versions of all the Powersoft units have been chosen, which means the sound engineer can control and monitor the system through Armonía software.’

b-monster’s programme director, Mr Hiro summarised: ‘The experience is just like being in a nightclub surrounded by great SPL and low frequency. The instructors’ voices are delivered clearly, and without feedback over the headset mics, which is not always the case. This is not only a bonus for those working out, but also instructors are excited by this great sound experience.’ This means the amps can drive the speakers safely and the sound can be fully optimised.

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