MediaCorp moves in with Lawo

Published: ASIA

MediaCorp moves in with Lawo

SINGAPORE: MediaCorp has relied on a wealth of technology from Lawo to form the technical infrastructure of its new production centre. This includes five mc²56 audio production consoles and an mc²36 audio console, a Nova73 HD router and two Nova73 Compact core routers, as well as a large VSM Control System and other hardware from the German manufacturer. The new facility comprises a pair of television production studios, three news studios and a radio master control room (MCR).

The TV production studios have both been equipped with Lawo mc²56 audio consoles; a 64-fader version with 16 line I/Os, eight AES I/Os and four Compact I/Os has been installed in the larger of the two studios while a 48-fader desk resides in the smaller studio with 16 line I/Os, eight GPIOs and three Compact I/Os. The mc²56 signals are routed to the central Nova73 HD, located in the studio equipment room. The intercom system, HDD recorders and auxiliary equipment are all connected via the Nova73 Compact, which is set up in the smaller studio. A Lawo V__pro 8 has also been employed for embedding and de-embedding audio from HD/SDI signals, and in a news editing area, Lawo A__mic8 audio-to-IP units support up to eight microphones and four return lines.

The aforementioned Nova73 HD is also connected to the three news studios, named Studio 1, Studio 2 and Studio 3. Studio 1 has been installed with a 48-fader mc²56 console while 2 and 3 both house 32-fader models. All of the Lawo audio equipment and intercom systems in the news studios are connected by MADI with the exception of a FlashCam Studio solution that uses Ravenna.

A pair of Nova73 Compact routers and six Nova17 I/O breakout boxes with redundant master cards and MADI connections are in use in the Radio MCR. Redundancy has been automated so that if silence is detected on a studio output, VSM triggers switching to the redundant card.

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