MediaWorks gains an Assist from Netia

Published: ASIA

MediaWorks gains an Assist from Netia

NEW ZEALAND: MediaWorks is integrating Netia’s Media Assist software suite and Avid’s iNews client workstation across its radio departments as it aims to streamline workflow, improve productivity and the management of its media assets across multiple locations. The largest independent broadcaster in New Zealand will be working closely with Netia, regional distributor Syncrotech and Avid as it continues to consolidate its news assets for both its radio stations and television networks.

After two years of weighing up its options, MediaWorks opted to bring in Netia technicians to provide a proof-of-concept at its Auckland headquarters after the broadcaster’s representatives encountered the system at last year’s Broadcast Asia. Netia conducted an onsite workshop, demonstrating to MediaWorks the integration of Media Assist with iNews.

The solution will allow MediaWorks’ journalists to connect to the Auckland headquarters’ servers from the broadcaster’s regional sites across the country. Media uploaded and edited at the regional locations will be pushed to the Auckland server. Meanwhile, radio journalists will be able to access Media Assist tools within iNews and work on Netia audio assets due to the MOS integration of both products.

‘Using Netia software in conjunction with iNews, MediaWorks will be able to reduce its reliance on manual operations, boost content transfer between its radio and TV departments, and ultimately realise an optimal return on its assets,’ explained Netia pre-sales engineer Alexandre Martinez. ‘Media Assist will help Newshub and other MediaWorks news operations units to streamline their workflow and take full advantage of news assets across their broadcast operations.’

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