Miyakawa Drives & Controls to support Symetrix in Maharashtra

Published: ASIA

Miyakawa Drives & Controls to support Symetrix in Maharashtra

INDIA: Working with the support of its existing Indian distributor, Awan India Pvt Ltd, Symetrix has appointed Miyakawa Drives & Controls Pvt Ltd as sub-distributor for the country’s Masharashtra region. The company, which has been a leading distributor of major pro audio brands to Mumbai and the surrounding region since 1999, has a brand portfolio that includes Belden, Neutrik, Community Professional, Powersoft, Tannoy and Lab.gruppen.

‘The company has a long history of working alongside high-end brands, so we are sure that they will do a brilliant job with Symetrix,’ offered Awan managing director, Prasad E.S. ‘In particular, I expect the SymNet Radius and Edge units to strike a chord with customers in this region. Miyakawa Drives & Controls also has a great track record of working closely with systems integrators and building strong relationships with them – and that will obviously be an asset to Symetrix as well.’

For Miyakawa Drives & Controls, director Sanjay Chitroda says that his team is ‘very enthusiastic about working with the Symetrix brand and taking steps to ensure that it connects with as many potential customers as possible in Mumbai and the surrounding region.’


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