Monkey Goes West as Robe’s CycBar 15 fixture shine

Published: ASIA

Monkey Goes West as Robe’s CycBar 15 fixture shine

SINGAPORE: Wild Rice’s award winning pantomime production of Monkey Goes West recently enjoyed a run at Singapore’s Drama Centre Theatre. Adrian Tan from Light Project served as the lighting director for the show, putting together a rig that utilised Robe CycBar 15 fixtures.

The show debuted in 2014 and Mr Tan recalled that the production team wanted an unconventional look for a pantomime. Asian culture was to be infused into the lighting and visuals. During this most recent run, the lighting designer opted to use the CycBar 15 from the outset, employing 12 that were positioned approximately 1.5m from the cyc. The fixtures were equipped with 70 x 35-degree diffusers and used to create effects for different moods, time of day and weather.

Impressed with the output of the CycBar 15 fixtures, Mr Tan noted that he would likely have required up to 50 traditional 1K cyc flood units to have produced the same effect, due to the short throw distance and the effects he wanted to achieve.

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