Next-proaudio makes key sales at Palm 2016

Published: ASIA

Next-proaudio makes key sales at Palm 2016

INDIA: Having taken on the exclusive Indian distribution of Portuguese loudspeaker manufacturer Next-proaudio little more than a year ago and Powersoft at the end of 2015, Namdhari Impex has ended a successful 12 months with two key sales. Announced at Palm India 2016, a Next-proaudio LA212X three-way fully horn-loaded line array has been purchased by Hyderabad-based GM Audio Technics and was put straight to use powering the show’s outdoor line array demos. These demos also proved to be the decider for joint rental company Mahalath Entertainment and Waves Sound & Lights, which having originally intended to purchase a different system, instead opted for Next’s LA122 single 12-inch line array.

The GM Audio Technics purchase saw 12 LA212X tops and 12 bases added to the company’s roster, with Namdhari providing training to its team on the system’s safe use and deployment. ‘We actually came across the Next-proaudio brand through knowing about Powersoft, and once we saw the system being used with the Powersoft amps, we made the decision,’ offered Parvez Mohammad from GM Audio Technics. ‘We’ll be using it around the Hyderabad area and throughout India at events for up to 10,000 people. The reason I went for the Next-proaudio system was the B&C drivers, the Powersoft amp and combination of the subwoofers. The clarity is so beautiful, better than other brands I know. I’ve never heard anything like this.’

Stephen Peter and business partner Samson Serrao from Mahalath Entertainment and Waves Sound & Light opted for a total of 16 tops and eight bases from Next’s LA112 system. ‘We’d previously already decided to go with another brand but the demo really impressed us, it’s very different compared to the others,’ recalled Mr Peter. ‘We’ve got a lot of big Bollywood shows coming up so we’ll be using the LA122 for them.’

‘We are getting an overwhelming response from potential clients all over the country following the Palm show,’ enthused Namdhari Impex director of sales and marketing, Gurprit Singh. ‘We already booked five systems at Palm and now are looking to book even more – it's a big achievement for us and a big recognition of our hard effort over the past 10 months. These sales have generated a lot of hype in the minds of potential clients, who are now approaching us with even more confidence.’

‘Namdhari Impex became one of our partners quite recently,’ offered Powersoft executive director – India, Karl Kahlu. ‘The amount of demo and promotion they’ve been doing is stunning and we’re really proud that their activities so far have been so fantastic.’

From Namdhari’s perspective however, it appears the hard work has just begun. ‘We hope to make it really big in the upcoming months and all the positive signs are telling us that we are on the right path,’ added Mr Singh.

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