The PA People updates Sydney’s Olympic Aquatic Centre

Published: ASIA

The PA People updates Sydney’s Olympic Aquatic Centre

AUSTRALIA: Having engaged in numerous projects at the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre in Sydney over the last 17 years, The PA People has once again been enlisted to carry out the centre’s latest A/V upgrade. New Bose speakers have replaced the previous models at the rear grandstand and all of the amplifiers at the venue have also been replaced.

The centre was built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games but continues to host large international events, as well as national and community competitions.

Manager of installed systems at The PA People, Brett Steele, explained that the new Bose models presented the client with ‘a comfortable like-for-like replacement. The Bose LT9702WRs were used as they provided appropriate coverage for the space and were a proven weather resistant box in the pool environment.’

In total, nine Bose LT9702WRs were installed to replace the rear grandstand fill cabinets, while two Crown DC18/600N and two DC14/1250N amplifiers were used the amplifier replacement. This compliments the existing AMX control, Biamp Vocia and BSS Blu audio DSPs and existing speakers elsewhere around the centre.

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