Raguan Outlines its rental future

Published: ASIA

Raguan Outlines its rental future

ISRAEL: Raguan - Sound & Light has become the first rental company in Israel to add Outline pro audio equipment to its roster. The manufacturer’s distributor for Israel, Gidron Levitan, facilitated the purchase.

Added to the rental company’s arsenal are 18 units of the Mantas 28 line arrays with nine cases, eight DBS 18-2 subwoofers each with dollies and covers and a pair of flybars. Completing the purchase, Gidron Levitan also sold Raguan two units each of Powersoft’s X4 and X8 amplifiers as well as a DiGiCo SD9 console.

‘The system was sold to me as a complete package with the Powersoft X8 and X4 amplifiers,’ explained Raguan – Sound & Light’s owner, Guy Raguan. ‘I like everything about it – the weight of the speakers, the looks and aesthetics, the ease of operation, the combination with the flight cases that makes it easy to rig the system fast. They sound extremely good. The quality of the service that I am getting from the distributor also added to my decision.’

Mr Raguan plans to put the new system to use for a variety of events, from concerts to corporate functions. He hadn’t previously owned any Outline systems before this purchase and after using them for the first few times, has been impressed. ‘I have used the system and it performed better than I expected,’ he said. ‘The sound quality is very good and what surprised me was the power and the very even coverage of the system. I would like to get more Mantas 28s and some smaller speakers to be used as front-fills, out-fills and small PA for small events.’

‘Having a rental company as a customer is very important as they are constantly demonstrating the products,’ added Outline distributor, Gidron Levitan. ‘This sale is very important for us as we have previously sold various Outline speakers for installations, but this is the first time that we have sold a complete touring package to a rental company. I believe that this sale will influence others to go down the same route. Outline was not known in Israel, but this sale will definitely change that.


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