Rani Singam’s d:facto microphone choice

Published: ASIA

Rani Singam’s d:facto microphone choice

SINGAPORE: Described as ‘one of Singapore’s most sought-after and accomplished contemporary vocalists’, Rani Singam, a former lawyer, began her jazz career in 2002 with the release of her debut album, With A Song In My Heart. In 2013, the jazz artist was introduced to DPA Microphones’ d:facto vocal microphone. Impressed with its performance, Ms Singam would eventually go on to purchase a d:facto microphone of her own from the manufacturer’s Singaporean distributor, Uni-DK.

‘I was blown away by its pristine accuracy and warmth,’ said Ms Singam, recalling her first encounter with a d:facto model. ‘Ever since that performance, I would request a DPA, despite having my own personal microphone. I found the d:facto to be superior on all fronts. It is without doubt my microphone of first choice for its warmth and the ability to pick up lower frequencies when I sing in my lower register.’

Since the purchase, Ms Singam’s d:facto has been put to good use, including a concert that the former lawyer produced to support the Law Society of Singapore. Following that show, she performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra for an event titled A Night On Broadway. ‘The acoustics in that hall are so incredible that the orchestra was not amplified for that show,’ noted Ms Singam.


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