Ruifeng’s long throw at Zhaotong Stadium

Published: ASIA

Ruifeng’s long throw at Zhaotong Stadium

CHINA: Ruifeng Intell was brought in to analyse the acoustic characteristics of the recently renovated Zhaotong Stadium in Yunnan and to recommend a new sound setup. This led to the installation of a solution from Ruifeng's own RF brand for the main PA system.

The stadium was originally built in the 1990s and hosts all manner of sports and entertainment events. Spanning, 38,172m2, Zhaotong Stadium includes 18,000 seats and has been renovated to bring it in line with well-equipped modern stadiums.

The Ruifeng installation features a main PA of RF MH-12/64 weather-resistant long-throw horn speakers with KS15 single 15-inch full range speakers. The MH-12/64 cabinets are hung on top of the roof that covers the east and west audience seating areas. Due to their long-throw, they reportedly provide sufficient coverage on the field. The KS15s, which are flown on the ceilings, cover the audience areas below.

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