Avid's S6L enrols at Audio Academy

Published: ASIA

Avid's S6L enrols at Audio Academy

INDIA: Audio Academy has purchased an Avid S6L control surface from the manufacturer’s Indian distributor, Ansata. The Bangalore-based live sound school already possessed an S3L and made the decision to acquire an S6L to ensure that it keeps its students up to date with the latest technology and due to the support provided by Avid.

The S6L, which was installed at Audio Academy by the Ansata team, is reportedly the first to be installed at an educational facility in India. ‘While the S6L is primarily used to train students, it is also used to support touring engineers from time to time,’ explained Niranjan Shivaram, CTO at Audio Academy. ‘We also run workshops to prepare engineers who want to take it on tour.’

‘What particularly attracted us to the S6L was its exceptional sounding preamps with a sampling rate of 96kHz, and its high channel and bus count to meet the growing demands of todays touring acts,’ added Vauhini Venugopal, Audio Academy CEO. ‘We’ve had it just over two weeks, so the students are just getting familiar with it. They love the layouts and the fact that every switch is programmable.’

The academy’s live sound engineer, Ashwin Shetty, is impressed with the new console. ‘The S6L is capable of handling 144 channels with 64 busses,’ he said. ‘It is undoubtedly one of the best sounding consoles I have come across and is highly customisable.’

Ansata CEO Leslie Lean noted that the S6L purchase highlights Audio Academy’s commitment to ensuring future-proofed engineers. ‘Niranjan and Audio Academy have been working hard to equip the next generation of sound engineers with knowledge and a good ear for sound,’ he said.


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