Sales growth in Vietnam for GatesAir as DVB-T2 standards rise

Published: ASIA

Sales growth in Vietnam for GatesAir as DVB-T2 standards rise

VIETNAM: GatesAir has received two orders for transmitter network expansions from Vietnamese national broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV) and an order for five Flexiva air-cooled solid-state transmitters from radio broadcaster Voice of Vietnam (VOV). The wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions manufacturer states that the sales signify ‘the over-the-air TV and radio transformation taking shape across the Asia-Pacific region’. GatesAir’s regional partner Broadcast Information Development Corporation – Joint Stock Company (EMICO JCS) reportedly assisted with the tendering process for all three projects.

The first order from VTV comprises four Maxiva UHF solid-state high-efficiency transmitters, three ULXT liquid-cooled models and one UAXT air-cooled version to be used across its channels. A further pair of Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled transmitters formed the second order and will be used specifically for the broadcaster’s VTV5 channel. VTV was an early adopter of DVB-T2 digital television and these orders are in keeping with the standards.

Of the five Flexiva transmitters that VOV ordered, three were 5kW units and two were 10kW. These will all be used for the radio broadcaster’s VOV4 ethnic languages radio station.

‘As Vietnam moves toward its 2020 target to complete its national DVB-T2 network rollout, we are working closely with our regional channel partner, EMICO JSC, to accelerate transmission system expansion projects for VTV,’ noted Darren Frearson, vice president of sales, EMEA and APAC at GatesAir. Additionally, our global expertise in managing AM, FM and digital radio network deployments worldwide ensures that VOV will receive turnkey systems that can be quickly delivered and deployed, with ongoing ease of operation and maintenance. Above all, our high-efficiency solutions will help ensure the ideal balance of low total cost of ownership and high performance over the lifecycle of the transmitters.’

‘The new Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters are highly stable and, more importantly, will save VTV money,’ added Luong Ngoc Thanh, director of technical center at EMICO JSC. ‘We see this as an important technological development from GatesAir in support of lower-cost operations. We see many opportunities with GatesAir moving forward, including multichannel DTV services across the remaining DVB-T2 rollout, and many new transmitter installations following the selection of a digital radio standard.’

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