Shiva Systems invests in V-Series

Published: ASIA

Shiva Systems invests in V-Series

INDIA: Mumbai-based event management company, Shiva Systems, has expanded its audio system rental inventory with the purchase of d&b audiotechnik’s V-Series speakers. Ansata, the manufacturer’s official Indian distribution partner, facilitated the sale.

‘When we were looking to purchase a new system, I wanted a brand that was a globally accepted standard for performers and acts across the board,’ explained Senthil Kumar, director of Shiva Systems. ‘I needed the system to be efficient, reliable, easy to use and most importantly, high on performance value in terms of sound quality and power. Without a doubt, the V-series system met all my expectations.’

The investment comprised eight V8 and four V12 three-way passive line arrays with six B22 subwoofers. To power this setup, which was soon put to use as the main PA system at the 2016 edition of Mumbai’s Mud Rush Festival, Shiva Systems also purchased four of the manufacturer’s D80 amplifiers.

‘The system is extraordinary in terms of its output to size ratio – the units are extremely lightweight and compact, which makes them extremely easy to transport and rig,’ Mr Kumar continued. ‘The power, dispersion and coverage is equivalent to speakers that are twice the size. The ArrayCalc software makes tuning the system easy and ensures that the output is perfect. The icing on the cake was doing business with Leslie Lean and his team at Ansata, as they lived up to their stellar reputation in the market with great sales and after-sales service and support. We’re extremely to with our decision in choosing V-Series.’

‘It’s heartening to have extremely positive feedback from Senthil about the performance of the rig in a live environment,’ said Mr Lean. ‘We’re extremely glad to welcome Shiva Systems into the ever growing family of happy d&b audiotechnik users in India.’

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