Singapore’s first Auro-3D postproduction facility opens at Mediacorp

Published: ASIA

Singapore’s first Auro-3D postproduction facility opens at Mediacorp

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp has officially opened the doors to its new Movie Mixing Studio (MMS), the first of its kind on the island. The studio, designed by UK acoustician David Hawkins from Eastlake Audio, is equipped with a 3D immersive sound system comprising a Fairlight EVO five-bay, 36-channel DAW controller, 43 Quested professional cinema monitor speakers providing L-C-R, surround, rear and height channels, and a Barco digital cinema projector. The complete equipment package for the room was provided by SSL Asia.

The first certified Auro-3D and Auromax mix studio in Southeast Asia, the 70m2 MMS is the most sophisticated of the seven studios which make up the post production department at the new Mediacorp Campus building at one-north. These studios will handle music and sound effects post production for TV dramas, entertainment programmes and local and regional films.

Mediacorp, which can trace its history back to the beginning of radio broadcasting in Singapore in 1935, runs seven TV and 12 radio channels, making it the state’s largest media broadcaster and content provider. But until the opening of MMS, it hadn’t been possible to complete TV and film soundtracks in the country.

In his opening speech, Mediacorp's chief content officer, Cheah Chee Kong, joked about the days of having to travel to Bangkok or Hong Kong with his team in order to work on film soundtracks. ‘With MMS, that is no longer necessary as we have the expertise, equipment and technology right here to support the entire production process,’ he said. ‘With close to 40 years of creative and sound production experience, and the new MMS, a one-stop audio service solution will further enhance movie makers’ story telling, and I’m confident that audio post is well placed to be the leading audio post production outfit in Southeast Asia.’

The launch was attended by guests from the local and regional TV and movie industry, as well as overseas business partners from Belgium, UK, China, Myanmar and Malaysia. This included Mr Hawkins and Wilfried van Baelen, Auro-3D system designer and CEO of Auro Technologies, who calibrated the system.

Guest of honour Chee Hong Tat, senior minister of state for communications and information, echoed the sentiments of the assembled gathering when he said he hopes that ‘a Singaporean will receive an Oscar for sound editing done from here’.


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