Sony Music Japan reverts to analogue

Published: ASIA

Sony Music Japan reverts to analogue

JAPAN: Studio 5 at Sony Music Studios in Tokyo has recently been installed with a Neve 88RS analogue recording console, which replaces an existing digital mixer. Studio management felt that with digital technologies evolving so rapidly, that the old system was difficult to maintain.

‘The original concept for Studio 5 was for surround format mixing,’ explained Koji Suzuki, chief engineer at Sony Music Studios. ‘Back in 2001 when the studios were first established, it was easier for us to handle surround formats with a digital console. After 15 years, the console became difficult to maintain and so we made the decision to replace it.’

With 72 channels, the analogue 88RS was reportedly selected due to the flexibility it offers in surround mixing, in addition to its longevity and audio quality. Engineers at Sony Music Studio are also familiar with the Neve console, as three were previously installed across three of the facility’s other studios.

‘Although there are operational advantages to a digital console, the Neve 88RS is timeless and durable,’ added Mr Suzuki. ‘Its attraction does not depend on technical specification or trend. As a matter of fact, the three 88R consoles in our Studios 1 to 3 have been used for over 15 years, and moreover they will continue to be used for much longer.’

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