doubles up on DiGiCo

Published: ASIA doubles up on DiGiCo

INDIA: Audio rental company has invested in a DiGiCo SD5 console, adding to the SD10 that is already in its inventory. The sale was facilitated by the British manufacturer’s Indian distribution partner, HiTech Audio.

‘It was a simple decision and there wasn't any other console actually on my purchase radar,’ said Warren Dsouza, managing director at ‘It is the most rider acceptable console globally and with StealthCore2’s processing horsepower increasing the SD5’s channel count to 243 inputs, 124 aux and 24x24 matrix, it was almost like investing in an SD7 without a dual engine.’

Mr Dsouza also noted that the purchase decision had future proofing implications due to the partnership between DiGiCo and Waves that produces DiGiGrid interfaces.

‘This console also doesn’t bear any genre specific tag,’ Mr Dsouza explained. ‘We can wire the desk to any end of a snake cable, be it for FOH, monitors or broadcast.

‘We also have a tried and tested SD10 that we recently also upgraded to SteathCore2 plus Optics,’ he concluded. ‘We have had many productions in the past that we required two DiGiCo consoles for, as there was a need for higher bus count and input channels.’

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