SSL Duality cleans the floor noise at Studio28

Published: ASIA

SSL Duality cleans the floor noise at Studio28

THAILAND: A 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality δelta SuperAnalogue console has been installed in the control room of Studio A at Bangkok’s Studio28. The facility is a state-of-the art orchestral recording studio owned by Fang Riewpakorn, a former student at Full Sail University in Florida who went on to hone her craft working in Los Angeles.

‘We picked this console for many reasons,’ Ms Riewpakorn reasoned. ‘The great sound, its flexibility, the SSL name and the SSL support.’

Studio A features a 250 sq-m stage, 7m high ceiling and motorised panels on the ceiling and the walls that allow for acoustic adjustments between 1.2s and 1.5s RT60. The space was designed by Jay Kaufman & Associates and can accommodate up to 85 musicians with room for more in the three isolation booths. Meanwhile, the control room is a 35 sq-m space that contains the console, a producer’s desk, plenty of rack space and a general purpose seating area.

With the console up and running, the studio’s chief sound engineer Jake Craig is pleased, noting that he saves time by not having to manage the floor noise as frequently as he once did ‘We just finished a scoring session for a French composer - 10 cues in a large variety of styles and only three hours to do it in,’ he said. ‘You don't have time to be worrying about gain staging and so on when jumping between orchestral cues' different dynamics. This console is so quiet and clean I can almost just set and forget, and hit record. I can then focus more on listening to the orchestra, getting through the cues, and making sure we get everything we need.

‘These days the console has to be transparent,’ Mr Craig added. ‘With the Duality I can get a great sound, no problem. It makes my job very easy.’

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