Summa LeSports

Published: ASIA

Summa LeSports

HONG KONG: As the market for OTT video platforms continues to grow, LeSports Hong Kong has acquired three new Calrec Summa digital audio consoles from the manufacturer’s regional distributor, Jolly Pro Audio, as it prepares for future expansion. The online broadcaster, which streams a wide variety of sports events from across the globe while also adding its own local commentary to the feeds, reportedly selected Summa due to its range of features and simple operation.

‘At LeSports Hong Kong, we are constantly striving to improve our programming and expand our multiformat content to attract new viewers,’ explained PK Lee from LeSports Hong Kong. ‘The new Summa audio consoles are an important step in achieving these goals, because they make even the most demanding audio playout tasks very straightforward.’

‘The sale represents Calrec's first multi-console Summa installation in Hong Kong,’ noted Andy Leung, executive director at Jolly Pro Audio. Calrec’s international sales manager, Anthony Harrison, added: ‘We're pleased to welcome LeSports to the Calrec family as a brand-new customer.’

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