TASCAM celebrates an ACE 20 years

Published: ASIA

TASCAM celebrates an ACE 20 years

CHINA: Celebrating its 20th anniversary of distributing TASCAM products in China, Hong Kong and Macao, Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Co Ltd (A.C.E.) commemorated the occasion by hosting a joint event at the recent BIRTV exhibition in Beijing.

‘TASCAM started to supply A.C.E. in 1996 with increasing quantities of analogue and digital audio recorders in addition to source players in the recording, broadcasting and fixed installation markets,’ explained Tascam’s sales planning section manager, Yoichiro Hosoi. ‘Since the time when we manufactured the Digital Tape Recording System up until the recent 64-channel SSD recording system, A.C.E. has ensured that TASCAM products have been specified in many significant installations.’

Having accepted an award from TASCAM’s business unit manager, Kenji Matsu, A.C.E.’s Rico Fung expressed how honoured the company felt for the longterm relationship that they had developed over that period. ‘A.C.E. is honoured to celebrate this 20th anniversary award from TASCAM. The market landscape has changed tremendously over the past two decades in Asia,’ Mr Fung announced. ‘The partnership has to work seamlessly in order to face challenges in the market and in product development. The trust forged in such a partnership makes us a stronger team and ultimately leads to success. Today, we believe our partnership is stronger than ever and look forward to celebrating many more successful years to come.’

In reply, Mr Matsu remarked how quickly those 20 years had passed. ‘The audio world has transitioned from analogue to digital over this period. ACE has worked closely with us and recognised the changes and adapted accordingly to refocus their marketing strategies. I doing so, they have helped TASCAM become aware of the dynamic Chinese market, which grew very quickly over this period. TASCAM is very honoured that ACE continues to provide the best products with the best service to their customers on a consistent basis.’


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